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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hey all! Have a nice day~ Haha, today was a? Holiday! Haha, today is Independence Day of Malaysia. So happy birthday Malaysia!
Anyway, my days are filled with fun and also a mixture of weird and tiredness. Lol
So, every day is quite the same..

- Wake up *if in then month of Ramadhan, sahur then sleep again, :P*
- Brush my teeth and wash my face *then bathe*
- On Sundays till Thursdays, I went to school *forced to*
- Study, study and more study.. Learn too, :(
- Meet my friends, laugh out loud, disturb others, stare at each other *that's at school, haha*
- Having fun with friends
- On the holidays or school breaks, online all day, hahah
- Then, jam on my guitar
- If bored, then jam again, Haha
- Hang out with my friends
- Eat lunch
- Jam again, lol
- Online Facebook
- Write something for my blog *BTW, my blog is weird, lol*
- Play soccer with my friends *gosh, it's like chaos when there's too many people playing, hahah*
- Went to the shop, buy some fizzy drinks, then hang out there
- Went home
- Online some more, haha
- Then listen to songs
- Then sleep

Well, my life is quite dull
Haha, I wish my life is more like a musician
Well, see y'all later!