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Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hey, sup? Ok, bye.
Just kidding, haha, so how are you guys and gals doing? * does anyone ever read my blog, duhh*
So, what to do? Hmmmm..
Well, let me talk about something.
I didn't update my blog 'cause I'm busy with all the exams going about and problems..
Well, this is all shit, lol.
My exams is moving from bad to worse, I didn't study at all, :P
And with all the problems I'm having, it's going to be a lot worse.
These problems are revolving around me, will it ever go away? =_=
Another one just hate me, so? I'm feeling very sad and depressed.
Many people hate me now.
All these things I hate revolves around me.
I miss my heartbeat *can I just tell her that I like her? man, it's so hard*
Just one I wish that I can talk to her, become her friend and tell her that I love her so much.
Well, it wouldn't happen.
Love hurts, that's why they are called crushes. Irony, isn't it? Urghh
I tried to forget her, but whenever I saw her face, my feelings overcome my will.

I'm being mushy again, sorry guys and gals.
This is how I am.
Hate that I love you so.

Well, see y'all later!