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Monday, March 28, 2011

Miss you.

I Miss You Sensei.


Just what I've ordered!

Hey, sup? Noo, I'm not asking for sup, hahaha. How are you my darling readers? Hope you all stay well and happy. Soooo, did I order something you say? Haha, no no no, it's what I've ordered.

Ever wanted to meet a genie who can grant our wishes? Our love wishes? Our deepest, darkest wishes and such? Boy, I sure would like to meet one so that I can repair and improve my life. Because it sucks, bad. -_-''. Think of all the things I can wish for just for my entertainment and pleasure. I can get anything just by wishing for it. The genie can do all that we ask. It's the life of luxury with a genie around. It would be fun and easy! I want one! T^T

Sooo, why did I want a genie? Well, to improve myself. But even without a genie, we can improve ourselves. How, you might ask? By working hard, and never, ever, EVER give up. Just by wishing is not enough, we have to work for it. Nothing can come without working. That's not the way of life. If just sitting around could get you everything, then no one would work. Then our way of life will be disturbed. It's not good. No one would even get up to do something. It's very sad.

With hard work and perseverance, we can achieve anything, including greatness *well, not greatness, but you know what I mean, ^_^* Haha, I got the giggles during writing this post because of what crap I typed just now. Lol. But we need to work hard, nothing can come from just standing around doing anything. Look at all those who had succeeded, ask them what they've done, they will probably say, 'Work hard', :). So, need I say more? Work hard, but work smart, than you will succeed.

Sooo, let me conclude by saying that if we work hard, anything is possible. Never say never *I say never say never, but I said never 2 times already, haha, Epic Fail* Be ready, like Spongebob. Haha. So, just be yourself, work hard, and just be patient. Everything is possible. ;)

This is Randy, signing off.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Alone. :'(

Why did I feel so alone?
So lonely, no one to hold,
Being surrounded in a house made of stone,
The dissipating, of feeling of bold

Oh, how I wished,
Being in your arms again,
Reminding me the past we shared,
The joy that both of us gain

One word meant so many,
Because no one,
can be so many

We as man,
and female galore,
Should we gather and band,
And that makes no one alone.

P/S: I'm just being random, and my rhyming sucks, :P

See ya!

I live to eat but I eat to live.


Foods. Our source of energy. The things that gives us the power to do stuff like cycling, playing soccer, jogging, running, even playing guitar. In short, food is important.
Over consumed, you get fat. Not enough food, you'll be thin.

No one ever realize what's the importance of food in life. Some people just hork it down without ever understand and define what the taste of the food we took. Heck, some people didn't even know what the food they ate taste like. They just eat and eat, without knowing what it tastes like.

How can we even miss the most important aspect of food? The taste is what really matters. People sometimes overreact to how the food looks like rather than the taste. It's weird you know. Even if your food is beautiful, what good that it does when it tasted like a wet gym socks?
That's disgusting, ==''. *How do I know how wet gym socks tastes like? Well, cartoon experiences, lol*

Enough about the taste. Now about the values inside foods. There's the calories, carbohydrates, irons, potassium and all that weird stuffs I can't even pronounce. Lol. These values build our bodies. Makes us become stronger, healthier and more energetic. Some say chocolates have the power to make us more energetic. Well, it's true but it can make us fat too, ==''. Sugar rush is just temporary, that extra energy will become fat.

So, what's important is that we need to take the right food so that we become healthier, not fatter. Lol. Know the importance of food and what the values do for us.

P/S : I suddenly wanted to write about this because my friend asked me too *For you, AA, :)*, I watched Ratatouille and I'm hungry, LMAO.

So, this is Randy signing off.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Trust who? Trust me. :)

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy *that's one long hey, lol*. Haha, how are you guys and gals out there? I'm fine thank you *not that you're asking, haha*. So how's life? Mine? Can't complain.
Hahaha, so what's my reason for using that title?
Well, I wanna show the importance of trust. :)

Imagine one day when you are going out with your friend *could be one, could be more, mind me*. While you are walking, you have the sudden urge to go to the bathroom *ehem, potty break, lol* but you can't bring your brand new, expensive camera *why did you bring a camera to a shopping mall in the first place, haha*. You entrusted your friend with your camera because you need to do some business in the toilet. After that, you came out to see your friend gone off, with your camera and your wallet *I didn't mention wallet earlier, lazy, lol*. You trusted your friend and he/she have the guts to betray your trust? That's just wrong.

One more example, you and your friend always tell each other everything. I mean EVERYTHING, from secrets to crushes, boyfriends, beauty secrets and such *I don't know what girls talk about to each other, so this is my best guess*. But one day, he/she blabbed about your secrets to everyone. You trusted him/her with your life, asking them to guard your secret, entrusting them with hope, but what did they do? They sabotaged your life by exposing your deep, darkest secret. Man, that's really low, even for a person.

So, the point is, you can trust anyone, but don't overdo it. If you trusted someone too much, they might stab you in the back. So trust your friends, but at a certain limit. If you think someone that you really can trust is there, then you can tell 'em your secrets. Trust is important in building friendships, especially relationships. Heck, countries were built on trust.

Trust friends, but trust yourself the most.

This is Randy, signing off.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Prayers to Japan.

Hope all our prayers reach to the people of Japan who are being the victims of the recent Tsunami.

Pray that all of them are okay.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Survival of the fittest. Huh?

Hey y'all! Long time no see and hear and probably tasted, lol. Haha, so how are you on this fine night? Thanks, stay beautiful okay? Haha, just kidding.

Sooo, survival eh? Do you agree that only fit people survive? I don't think so, because I'm not fit, and I did survive. Haha, just kidding, again. What I'm trying to say is that anyone can survive, if they just put their hard work and perseverance into it. People, whether they are short, tall, fat, thin, handsome, ugly, pretty or maybe just plain weird, can survive life *which is really a pain in the ass* if they work hard and just enjoy life.

When we talk about survival, we always think about animals. Well, we always see that animals such as lions, tigers, monkeys, wolves, donkeys, even mice do what they can to survive. But survival is not only in the animal kingdom, survival is also in our modern livelihood. People survive, that's what they do. They just don't give up, they look for ways to survive.

To think about it, we have to look at the past, I mean really, really look at the past. Our ancestors *ehem, the cavemen* lived from 100,000,000 BC until today. Not really living, but their generation is still alive, because it is us. They succeed in surviving lives back then, so we should be able to do it too. Life back then was really hard, no technology, no shelters, no easy food and damn, no music. But look at them, they can and had survived. So, there's no excuse for us to be lazy and wait for things to come rolling our way. People like this cannot survive in the real world.

Survive really meant able to live and adapt to the surroundings, also finding life that is really suitable *I think, I'm just making this up as I go, Haha*. Adapt to the surroundings, find the situation that really suitable so that you can survive. Just don't go to any place you like, that is like walking into the lion's den. You're dead.

Well, I think I better stop before I make people more confused. Lol.
So, just work hard to survive life. It's not that tough when you get used to it.

See y'all peeps!
Randy, signing off.