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Sunday, October 30, 2011

I love you my guitar~

Hey what's up, down, left, right and all around? Lol. It's been awhile since I came here. Wow, dusty, dusty blog. Even cobwebs and lizards came here. Damn. ==''
So anyway, I love playing guitars. Yeah, really love em', Haha, I'm no good at em' but I'm trying my best to improve and become better. Still it's hard to play the guitar. It takes time and patience *patience is not my thing, ughhh* to learn the ways of the guitar. Man, how does those guitarists learn to play? I mean, they are FUCKIN' AWESOME!

Based on what I know *well, from internet actually*, most of these guitarists started to play guitar at a young age. I just started 2 years ago. ==''. And I'm already 19. Dang. But anyway, people said that anything is possible, so I will try my best to become one of the greatest guitarist in the world. Okay, that's impossible but maybe only just the one of the best guitarist ever. It's my dream.

Now, maybe I won't play the guitar for awhile because my exam is just around the corner. Really, just look down there and you'll find it. FUCK YOU STPM!! -,-
Haha. Maybe after finishing STPM, I want to learn the art of playing guitar, the blues way~ LMAO.

I'm going to list some of the top guitarists that I know so, so, errr, just read. :P
1. Kurt Cobain
- Well this fella is the singer and guitarist of the band Nirvana. Mann, just listen to Smells Like A Teen Spirit and you know how good they are. Their solo is just awesome! But he died in 1994 at a young age because of drug overdose. Well, even though he's dead, people still love his songs.
2. Randy Rhoads
- He's the lead guitarist of the band Ozzy Osbourne, the singer is Ozzy Osbourne himself *a band with the singer's name. Weird*. He's famous for his guitar solo in Crazy Train, just powerful melody with umph. Haha. You know, some people asked me if I took the name 'Randy' from this guy. Haha. Maybe.
3. Kirk Hammet ( my idol :D)
- One of the greatest guitarist in the heavy metal music scene, and he's still alive! Lol. The band Metallica had come up with the best albums, like Master of Puppets, Black, Kill em' All and the recent one, Death Magnetic. His solo are just blistering, with a combination of tapping, scaling, fast pull-offs and hammer-ons, with a side order of sweeping and shred baby, shred! He's into the wah wah effect, and he's one heck of a wah wah master.
4. Synyster Gates
- Avenged Sevenfold lead guitarist, and man, he's good, real good. His solos are melodic, with a touch of fast scaling and tapping, and of course, shred! Haha, I love shred. He can play slow rock, he can play grunge, he can play metal, heck give him anything, he can play it.
5. Michael Padget (another idol of mine~)
- Bullet's own guitarist, and quite a good one. Many people doesn't acknowledge his guitar playing abilities because of his short and somewhat simple solos. But when he played the guitar, he played for the fans, not for money or glory. Just listen to songs like Waking The Demon, Scream Aim Fire, Begging for Mercy, Eye of The Storm, Deliver Us From Evil, End of Days and some others, and you can see his true abilities. He's good, hella good. Haha.

Someday I'm gonna be like one of them! Someday!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Judges outside courts. Blerghhhh.

Hey what's up, down and all around? Are you feeling good? Cool? *I feel stupid asking these questions, -,-''* So it's been awhile. Wow, my blog is so dusty, and weird, Lol. So anyways, judges? What did I mean by judges outside courts? By now, I guess you should relieve in this country, no, in this world we live in, many of us like to judge others, even judges like judging *outside and inside, pffttt* Why is this happening in our society? Man, this so fucked up, in so many levels.

Judging people are categorised according to 4 key elements, based on looks, accomplishments, attitude and the amount of money in your pocket *damn true*. Why people judge others? Well, they are stupid. No. Seriously yes. I meant no. No, it's yes. Why should we judge others? To see who is better? There's no need to compete with others. We need to unite, not ignite.

Judging others are deteriorating the unity of society. Would you like to live in chaos? No right? So don't discriminate others just because they are not better or at par with us. Fuck discrimination, fuck judgementalism *a made up word, lol*

Peace out!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Friends. Kawan. Homies. Muchachos. Mates.

Friends brighten your days, get rid of your worries, put a smile on your face, cheer you up, never bringing you down and most important of all, always be with you. Never will they hurt your feelings, your mentality and your life. They will be the guardians that protect you when you are in trouble.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

What I want for Eid.

Hey dudes and dudettes, what's up? It's been awhile, but here I am, back in the living flash, or flesh, whichever is good, lol. So, anyways, after almost 2 months, I'm here writing this new post.

Well, Eid is like Christmas, but Eid is for Muslims, and it's a celebration after a month of fasting *fasting is where Muslims don't eating and drink or do anything that can cancel their fast that starts from dawn until dusk*. The best thing about Eid ul-Fitr is that it is the month of forgiveness. Everyone forgive one another on this joyous occasion. Even enemies made up during this festive season. Everybody forgives and forgets, simple enough. But for children *and a small part of myself* enjoy Eid because we will get duit raya. Duit raya is a tradition of giving money to the young ones. But some elders are pretending to be young. LOL. Haha. I, myself wants some duit raya. :D

What I want for Eid is :
1. Forgiveness from Allah.
2. Forgiveness from my mom and dad.
3. Forgiveness from my family.
4. Forgiveness from my friends.
5. Lots of duit raya, :P
6. A good health, so I can go and visit my friends and teachers.
7. More rendang, ketupat and kuih raya.
8. Meet my friends.
9. Meet new friends.
10. Be with the one I love.
11. Made up with my friends
And last but not least
12. Talk to the one I love once ago, but as friends.

That's all. See ya.
Randy, ;)

Monday, July 11, 2011

No one should be alone.

Heyyy, what's up you guys? Not to forget, the gals also. So, it's really been awhile since I've updated, well, you know, with the busy schedule not to mention the exams are just around the corner, -,-.

I want to ask you something, have you ever when you are older, who are you going to end up with? Ever imagined you are married to someone? Having children with that special someone or just end up alone? The alone part maybe bogus, but it can happen. But I want to emphasize on the topic here, no matter what, there always *maybe* be someone out there for you.


Maybe. It's a possibility. You know, almost everyone now are looking for love now, while never think about future. I mean, is the person you choose going to be with you until the ends of time. Maybe it will last but 75% ends up breaking each others' hearts. Love is just a 4 letter word. But it is always taken for granted. What we should look in a person is not their looks, but their hearts. Of how their true personalities, not just their pretty face.

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,
And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.

William Shakespeare wrote this quote in Mid-Summer Night's Dream, and I think I agree with this quote. Just the outside is not enough, we must dig deep. So deep that we know how they really are. Some people are blinded by the outside, while never see the rotten insides of a person.

Hate leaves ugly scars, love leaves beautiful ones.

Mignon McLaughlin believes that love can be beautiful, if taken care properly. Love can be a wonderful thing, and hate can be such a cruel mistress. While maybe some people said that love sucks, but we all need some love in our lives. If not, it will be a dull life, with no one to share it with.

A bird is a pair. A pair consists of two. So, there is someone out there for you. Love revolves around two people who have feelings for each other. Never think that you are alone in this world. Because alone is so overrated. There is someone out there have the other half of our heart. That special someone belongs to us, and there's nothing can separate us from them. By God's willing, everything will be just as God's plans.

See ya, lovers~
Hope I can find the one with the half of my heart.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Judge of Discrimination.

Yo, what's up homies? It's been awhile. So much had happened in just 2 months. School are okay in June and July, but start to suck in August. Man, my English are crappier nowadays. Ughh.

So anyway, what do you think is the main reason for people discriminating others? Well, I think, they are just stupid. Plain stupid. Simple enough right? These discriminating people are just a bunch of low -life parasites who are jealous of ourselves. Ever seen the mirror lately? Just judge yourself before judging others. No one is perfect, so don't think that you can be.

Don't ever judge others. Only judges can judge, and they never judge people, only cases. So don't think you are a big shot and can call people with lame names such as stupid or jackass, because the real jackasses here are the person who called it.

Discrimination has many names but I call it crap. There's no need for discrimination, people should live freely with no status imbalance. People should live as one, not divided in groups according to wealth or power. That's just wrong. Very, very wrong. Take an example in Africa and America, the black men are differentiated from the white men. The white takes control while the blacks are left in the dirt and left to suffer.

Why did even discrimination happen in this world? It's just another way to compare people but in a more harsh way. It's sad seeing people fight, we have to come together as one so the world can prosper.


Sorry for the bad English, it's been awhile since I typed in English. :)
See ya.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The world or you? I rather have you, :'(

It's days like this makes me miss someone, someone I hold dear to my heart, once lost from my thoughts but now reappears back into my mind. It's frustrating, knowing that someone you totally into, just aren't feeling the same towards you. I mean, look at her, she's rich, smart, beautiful while I'm just a fucked up guy that no one cared about. We are too different. I don't know how and why I liked her, but I just am. I can never forget about her. She was on my mind all the time, in the morning, before I sleep, every time. I first saw her standing around at school, that's it man. I've fallen in love with her the moment I saw her. Talk about first look first love dude. Until now, I've never spoken to her in person, I did talk to her in Yahoo Messenger, and Facebook one time. You know what, she's rarely online but when she is, I chatted with her. But now, it's a different thing. She knows that I like her. It's like she's avoiding me. I always look for chances to talk to her, every single chance that I get, I blew it. I really blew it. I never talk to her. Even when I'm going to confess to her, I choked up. I hate myself, really. Everyone told me that I should confess to her, but I didn't. I'm just a coward who talks big but never did what I talked. Every time I listened to Taylor Swift's songs, it reminded me of her, because she loves Taylor Swift. If I was given a wish, a wish by God, I will turn the wheels of time around and tried to change the outcome of this. Because why? She's my heartbeat, and it won't change the fact that I'm in love with her. When I miss her, I always listen to Taylor Swift's songs or looking at her picture. Maybe I'm like a stalker, but I'm not.

If I was given the chance, the chance to change myself, I would change to how she would like me to be. Because she's everything to me. For those who know who I'm talking about, well, just keep it to yourself. If you would like to show this to her, well, go ahead, but I don't know what good will it bring. But this post is dedicated to her, because she's the beat to my heart and I love you.
No one can change the fact that I'm into you. I miss your face, I miss your eyes, I miss your voice. I miss you, I really do, Miss Pretty Eyes. :'(

Monday, May 16, 2011

No love.

Nobody loves me. FULLSTOP.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Regrets and Ignorance.

No matter how hard I try, I still can't get you out off my head, but I know you'll never accept me, because I'm not what you want in a person. I can accept the fact that we will never be together and I just wanna wish you will have a happy life with your loved ones. We are who we are, and we can't change the fact it's going to stay that way. I won't disturb you no more. Still, I want to say that I miss you and always will. Always remember that I will always be by your side. Goodbye dear.

You are what you are.

Hey, how's it hanging? This blog is getting dustier by the minute. Man, it's been a while since I updated my blog. Lol, so this is the first post in the month of May. By the way, happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in the world. Love you all.

You are what you are. The reasons why I've chosen this title are because people are trying to be what they aren't. Let's face it, lots of people are wasting money, time and energy in their never ending effort to be someone else. It's like they are not satisfied with what God blessed them with. We should be grateful that we even live in this world. Some change their looks, some change their personalities and some are just plain crap. Crap I say, crap.

Why do we need to be like others? Is what we are born with isn't enough? Just be what you are, and just discredit the fact that people want us to be more handsome, cool or what other bullshits that you can think of. We are what we are. We can't be like others. These other people have been fortunate to have experienced their lives like what they want, but it doesn't mean that they are happy. They might been more miserable than us normal people.

To sum it up, no one is perfect. We have our goods and flaws that makes us human. So no need to change to what you want to be, because what you are is enough in the eyes of others.

This is Randy, signing off.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Two f*ckin' days.

Ughhh, these recent two days doesn't work out for me.
Things go way out of hand
Fudge. *another way of saying the F word*

Ughh, damn.

BFMV - Just Another Star

This is what I can see through my eyes.
This is the color of your sunrise.
This is what I can see through your eyes.
Jump, jump, jump, jump.
Can you see the light behind these eyes?
jump, jump, jump, jump.
Can you see the light behind these?
Eyes, eyes, you’ve betrayed me for the last time!


You betrayed me for the last time.
Through the light I see the truth shine.
This is how I can see through your eyes.
Jump, jump, jump, jump.
Can you see the light behind these eyes?
Jump, jump, jump, jump.
Can you see the light behind these?
Eyes, eyes, you’ve betrayed me for the last time!

You're just another star that's burnt out too quickly.
But I still see you, shining.
I'm just another guy that's fucked up immensely, but you still love me.
Why I don't know!

This is what I see through my eyes.
Black is the color of your sunrise.
This is what I can see through my eyes.
This is the color of your, sunshine.

You're just another star that's burnt out too quickly.
But I still see you, shining.
I'm just another guy that's fucked up immensely, but you still love me.
Why I don't know!

Friday, April 15, 2011

MUET : Done. :)


Muet is over! Oh my freaking goshhhh.
I like. :)

English is not tough. It's the mind set that is important.

P/S: I miss youuuu, :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Confident? Don't be. Just be brave.

Heyyy, long time no see? Lol, how are you guys and gals nowadays? If you ask me, I'm doing fine and well, alhamdulillah. :).

So, what to do, what to do? Hmmmm, ah! I know.

Are you confident? Overconfident perhaps? Under confident maybe? No matter what it is, you should have confidence in yourself. No confidence, nothing you can do. But you can change, and be more confident and more open towards life.

One way to build your confidence is to hang out with friends, or maybe make new friends. By talking and interacting, we will feel like we can be with others, and that, motivates us to be a more confident person. If you feel like you doesn't have any confident at all, no sweat, you can build it.
Confidence aren't like others, we need them in our life. We need confidence to talk to others, to present something, or to sing, or just maybe to do something. Being confident is a good thing. :)

But don't ever, ever, EVER be overconfident. This may bring DOOM! *nahhh, just kidding, lol* Overconfident is the worst thing to have because when we are overconfident, we tend to take things less serious and just do things as we like. This is very bad, very, very, VERY bad! *I tend to exaggerate, lol* Just down right confident is enough. No need for the over part, haha.

So you see, we need confidence to be prepared in this cold, harsh world because no one can succeed just with looks, talents and riches. We need to talk and present ourselves, and we can achieve by being confident. :)

So, this is Randy sighing off. *Why am I sighing? My MUET exam is tomorrow, and I'm not prepared, ==''*
Lol, see ya.

MUET? Omg!

Tomorrow is my MUET test!

Damn, haven't prepared!! Ughhhh.

Tomorrow is the speaking test. Sooo, I'm gonna crap a lot.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Miss you.

I Miss You Sensei.


Just what I've ordered!

Hey, sup? Noo, I'm not asking for sup, hahaha. How are you my darling readers? Hope you all stay well and happy. Soooo, did I order something you say? Haha, no no no, it's what I've ordered.

Ever wanted to meet a genie who can grant our wishes? Our love wishes? Our deepest, darkest wishes and such? Boy, I sure would like to meet one so that I can repair and improve my life. Because it sucks, bad. -_-''. Think of all the things I can wish for just for my entertainment and pleasure. I can get anything just by wishing for it. The genie can do all that we ask. It's the life of luxury with a genie around. It would be fun and easy! I want one! T^T

Sooo, why did I want a genie? Well, to improve myself. But even without a genie, we can improve ourselves. How, you might ask? By working hard, and never, ever, EVER give up. Just by wishing is not enough, we have to work for it. Nothing can come without working. That's not the way of life. If just sitting around could get you everything, then no one would work. Then our way of life will be disturbed. It's not good. No one would even get up to do something. It's very sad.

With hard work and perseverance, we can achieve anything, including greatness *well, not greatness, but you know what I mean, ^_^* Haha, I got the giggles during writing this post because of what crap I typed just now. Lol. But we need to work hard, nothing can come from just standing around doing anything. Look at all those who had succeeded, ask them what they've done, they will probably say, 'Work hard', :). So, need I say more? Work hard, but work smart, than you will succeed.

Sooo, let me conclude by saying that if we work hard, anything is possible. Never say never *I say never say never, but I said never 2 times already, haha, Epic Fail* Be ready, like Spongebob. Haha. So, just be yourself, work hard, and just be patient. Everything is possible. ;)

This is Randy, signing off.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Alone. :'(

Why did I feel so alone?
So lonely, no one to hold,
Being surrounded in a house made of stone,
The dissipating, of feeling of bold

Oh, how I wished,
Being in your arms again,
Reminding me the past we shared,
The joy that both of us gain

One word meant so many,
Because no one,
can be so many

We as man,
and female galore,
Should we gather and band,
And that makes no one alone.

P/S: I'm just being random, and my rhyming sucks, :P

See ya!

I live to eat but I eat to live.


Foods. Our source of energy. The things that gives us the power to do stuff like cycling, playing soccer, jogging, running, even playing guitar. In short, food is important.
Over consumed, you get fat. Not enough food, you'll be thin.

No one ever realize what's the importance of food in life. Some people just hork it down without ever understand and define what the taste of the food we took. Heck, some people didn't even know what the food they ate taste like. They just eat and eat, without knowing what it tastes like.

How can we even miss the most important aspect of food? The taste is what really matters. People sometimes overreact to how the food looks like rather than the taste. It's weird you know. Even if your food is beautiful, what good that it does when it tasted like a wet gym socks?
That's disgusting, ==''. *How do I know how wet gym socks tastes like? Well, cartoon experiences, lol*

Enough about the taste. Now about the values inside foods. There's the calories, carbohydrates, irons, potassium and all that weird stuffs I can't even pronounce. Lol. These values build our bodies. Makes us become stronger, healthier and more energetic. Some say chocolates have the power to make us more energetic. Well, it's true but it can make us fat too, ==''. Sugar rush is just temporary, that extra energy will become fat.

So, what's important is that we need to take the right food so that we become healthier, not fatter. Lol. Know the importance of food and what the values do for us.

P/S : I suddenly wanted to write about this because my friend asked me too *For you, AA, :)*, I watched Ratatouille and I'm hungry, LMAO.

So, this is Randy signing off.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Trust who? Trust me. :)

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy *that's one long hey, lol*. Haha, how are you guys and gals out there? I'm fine thank you *not that you're asking, haha*. So how's life? Mine? Can't complain.
Hahaha, so what's my reason for using that title?
Well, I wanna show the importance of trust. :)

Imagine one day when you are going out with your friend *could be one, could be more, mind me*. While you are walking, you have the sudden urge to go to the bathroom *ehem, potty break, lol* but you can't bring your brand new, expensive camera *why did you bring a camera to a shopping mall in the first place, haha*. You entrusted your friend with your camera because you need to do some business in the toilet. After that, you came out to see your friend gone off, with your camera and your wallet *I didn't mention wallet earlier, lazy, lol*. You trusted your friend and he/she have the guts to betray your trust? That's just wrong.

One more example, you and your friend always tell each other everything. I mean EVERYTHING, from secrets to crushes, boyfriends, beauty secrets and such *I don't know what girls talk about to each other, so this is my best guess*. But one day, he/she blabbed about your secrets to everyone. You trusted him/her with your life, asking them to guard your secret, entrusting them with hope, but what did they do? They sabotaged your life by exposing your deep, darkest secret. Man, that's really low, even for a person.

So, the point is, you can trust anyone, but don't overdo it. If you trusted someone too much, they might stab you in the back. So trust your friends, but at a certain limit. If you think someone that you really can trust is there, then you can tell 'em your secrets. Trust is important in building friendships, especially relationships. Heck, countries were built on trust.

Trust friends, but trust yourself the most.

This is Randy, signing off.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Prayers to Japan.

Hope all our prayers reach to the people of Japan who are being the victims of the recent Tsunami.

Pray that all of them are okay.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Survival of the fittest. Huh?

Hey y'all! Long time no see and hear and probably tasted, lol. Haha, so how are you on this fine night? Thanks, stay beautiful okay? Haha, just kidding.

Sooo, survival eh? Do you agree that only fit people survive? I don't think so, because I'm not fit, and I did survive. Haha, just kidding, again. What I'm trying to say is that anyone can survive, if they just put their hard work and perseverance into it. People, whether they are short, tall, fat, thin, handsome, ugly, pretty or maybe just plain weird, can survive life *which is really a pain in the ass* if they work hard and just enjoy life.

When we talk about survival, we always think about animals. Well, we always see that animals such as lions, tigers, monkeys, wolves, donkeys, even mice do what they can to survive. But survival is not only in the animal kingdom, survival is also in our modern livelihood. People survive, that's what they do. They just don't give up, they look for ways to survive.

To think about it, we have to look at the past, I mean really, really look at the past. Our ancestors *ehem, the cavemen* lived from 100,000,000 BC until today. Not really living, but their generation is still alive, because it is us. They succeed in surviving lives back then, so we should be able to do it too. Life back then was really hard, no technology, no shelters, no easy food and damn, no music. But look at them, they can and had survived. So, there's no excuse for us to be lazy and wait for things to come rolling our way. People like this cannot survive in the real world.

Survive really meant able to live and adapt to the surroundings, also finding life that is really suitable *I think, I'm just making this up as I go, Haha*. Adapt to the surroundings, find the situation that really suitable so that you can survive. Just don't go to any place you like, that is like walking into the lion's den. You're dead.

Well, I think I better stop before I make people more confused. Lol.
So, just work hard to survive life. It's not that tough when you get used to it.

See y'all peeps!
Randy, signing off.

Monday, February 21, 2011

My name is Randy.

Hey all. What's up? It's been a while since I updated my blog. No time to update, lots of homework, =_='', lol.
So, what am I going to talk today?
Hmmmm, maybe about personalities? Or maybe about life?
Huh, btw I just came back from a gig in Laguna Merbok, Sungai Petani held recently.
Man, it was awesomeee!! We headbanged, moshed, and just plain crazy. Hahaha, good times, good times. Lol.

So, let me tell you about life.
Life isn't what it's cracked up to be. Life is hard. If you can't cope with life, then you are in hot waters. Life is the symbol of our existence in life. Maybe people complained their life are suckish, bad, evil, damned or all those crap, but when I really see how their lives is, I saw that their lives are 10 times better than mine. They got what they want, have what they need and still complained about it. Damn.

Even though I didn't have a cute or handsome face, a gigantic house, an expensive car, awesome skills at a sports or something but I still grateful that I still live until this day. I encountered many kinds of people during my 19 years old life. But I tried to be friendly with all, even though some won't talk to me. Their lost, lol, haha. So, I know how it feels to be a loser or to be useless for others.

Even though you don't have a greatest looks, or a rich dad/mom, you should be grateful that you can live in this world. Life isn't about what you have, life is about what you are. What you are can affect your own life and your future. What you do can affect your life too. Don't go around making people angry at you. Just be friends with everyone. If you are hated, then you're screwed. Damn, lmao. When you have lots of friends, you have lot of supports.

Well, I must be off. Before I leave, don't take life for granted. Sometimes, what you see isn't what you get.
This is Randy, signing off.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Your friends had been.... What?

Hey there peeps! What's up dog? *hip hop lingo, lol*
So, how are you? I'm fine, thanks for asking, much obliged. Haha.
So anyways, hmmmmm?
What am I going to talk about?
Dunno yet. Darn. HAHA.

Who here like hanging out? ME!! Yeah!
I love hanging out, with my friends, parents, even cousins *well, not all cousins, lol*
Hanging out is the best cure for stress you know. Laughing and joking around makes us happier and cheerful. Just imagine you're at home, doing what you think is cool but really not. Just wasting your time at home with nothing to do is uncool. Better if you kill yourself *whoa, don't follow what I say, haha*

Research said that *well, my research that is, :P* people have no stress when they hang out with the ones they love. Lol, I have fun hanging out than at home where I on my Facebook and watching Youtube videos. As much fun as it sounds, there's nothing better than chatting with friends *in the real world okay? not the facebook world*. You can build your social skills by hanging out.

Many people said that hanging out is an act of loafing. WELL, I dare say it's not! Screw you who said that. Do you want to spend the rest of your life coped up at home with no friends? I think NOT! Having friends is a good thing. You can share what you want with them. Love life, *don't tell them about your sex life, ewww, ==''* problems, info, knowledge, anything as long as they can relate to. Don't just crap, like I did, haha, :P.

There are two kind of friends, the true friends and plastic friends. Plastic friends are friends who are there for what you have, not what you are. Hate them plastic friends. But true friends is different. True friends are people who stick by you no matter how you look, what you have or are you popular or not. They like you for what you are, not what you're not. These kind of friends are hard to find but hard to lose also. They are what completes you as a human *besides parents*. No person in this world have no friends. Friends are those special people who stick by us no matter what until the end of our lives.

I <3 you guys! You're all my friends!

See y'all later!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Love You. Huh?

Hey peeps. Man, I'm getting excited writing new post and I'm back again.

Love. 4 letter words that easily said than just meaning it.
People misused this word to fool other people just to get what they want and just leaving them after getting what they want. That's just plain right idiotic.
Fuck them.

Anyways, true love are really hard to find nowadays. Some fall in love just because of looks, some because of wealth, some are forced, some are after an unintended accident *ehem ehem* and some are just for fun. No one looks for love because of what they are. The sincerity inside the heart are being thrown out the window. That's why there are so many cases of girls being raped and abused because after the fun is over, hell coming rolling over. Fun is just for a while until someone got hurt.

When you're looking for true love, look for what's inside, not just the outside. Some are very attractive and charming but you'll never know what's inside. Maybe a witch or something ehh?
Evil robots maybe? Anyways, what's inside the heart is what makes a love very worthwhile.
Some people helped others but want something for a change. That's not true love. That's just bullshit.

Sincerity, honesty, caring and truthful are what you should look inside someone. Not to mention polite, kind and punctual. That's the traits of a perfect person. But we shouldn't also search for perfection. No one is perfect. To make it simple, just look for a person who really suits you. For example, that guy is kind or maybe that girl really understands you, then try your best to get him/her. Compatibility is really what makes a love really meaningful. True love comes from what's inside.

Wow, I'm being Doctor Love today. ==''
Lol, so anyways, choose someone for who they are, not what they aren't.

See y'all later peeps!

5 Letter Words.

For those who've done bad things to me, ridicule me, and down right insult me,

I have 5 words for ya.

F U C K U.

What the... Fish?

Hey peeps! How's it going? Been a while ehh? Lol.
Miss you guys *and by guys I meant both guys and gals, just to clear out that I am in fact straight, :P*. Anyways, after a week of holiday, I'm still dozed off because man, school reopened and we had to wake up early just to put up with craps at school. Ughhh, =_=

So, my topic today is worthiness. Do you ever felt worthy around your friends? Ever felt left out because you're incompetent? Can't catch up with your classy and up-to-date friends? Felt unworthy around them? Lonely? Why did I ask so damn many questions? Because that is what I feel all the time. :'(

I felt unworthy and useless around my friends. I can't help them, can't keep up with them, so damn slower than them, stupider, poorer, less fortunate than them, and not as talented as them. It's very frustrating to see other people succeed but you don't. I mean, many of my friends are really smart, clever and oh so talented but I'm not. Felt a feeling of unworthiness and rejection.
People who felt like this have low self confidence and self esteem, like me.
Always rejected by others, no matter what.

But, the only solution to this problem is to be yourself. No more following role models and copycatting other people. Just be yourself and people will accept you for what you are, not what you're not. That feeling of unworthiness can be a pain in the behind, but it can be removed by having friends, friends who cared for you. I don't know if that feeling is gone now in me but I'm just glad having friends who cared for me *I think*.

So to all my friends and the people who have known, I thank you for the depth of my heart and wishes you all the best in life and hope you all will succeed in life. Arigato~ ;)

See y'all peeps!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The reason.

Hey all! What's cooking? Lol.
So what's up? It's been awhile, and my English is getting quite rusty. Haha.
I had the sudden urge to update my blog. Why? Only God knows. Lol.

Anyways, did you ever felt that things had happened to you that makes you sad or depressed?
Things that makes you happy, angry, hate, love, miss, or any other emotions?
Did you ever wonder why these things happen? There must be something that is behind all these.

Everything happens for a reason, as I described it. A reason is always behind these fateful things.
For example, if you fall down a stair this morning, there must be a reason why you fell. And if your heart was broken by a guy/gal, there must be a reason/reasons why they did that. But some of us, not all, said that these unfortunate things happened without a reason. Did it? Give yourself a NO.

Everything happens for a reason. There must be a reason behind these occurrences. Some of these can be interpreted by us or professionals but some can't. Some of these 'unknown' reasons can't be found out, only God knows. God decides what will happen to us and the reasons why it happened to us. Only God knows, and God knows all.

Everything happened for a reason. For all the past occurrences, maybe only now you known the reason. After those years hurting and misguided by others, only now you know the truth. But some can find out earlier and some can find out later. But not all can find out the truth behind these reasons. Example, if you broke up with someone, it's not until 2-3 years that you will found out the reason of the breakup. By then you already gotten a new life. It's going to be a shock because such trivial matters invoke these unfortunate accidents.

Everything can happen for a reason. We don't know our future, and we will never know it. To find out about the future is like digging your own grave, because you can't never handle the truth about the future. So, it's better to chill and relax while you still have the time. For whenever something happens, there must be a reason for it.

See ya!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Perfectionist? Pfftttt.

Hey, what's up? So long after I last updated my blog, ==''. Hope my English isn't getting rusty, lol.
So anyways, have you all heard of the word 'perfect'? I'm sure even a kindergartner knows what it meant, mind you. Haha.

Are you a perfectionist? Then you are stupid. No one is perfect. Everyone has his or her own traits, and also flaws. But that made them humans, not robots that only followed others. The different traits and personalities are what made us what we are. If you are trying to be perfect, then don't bother to do it. A big waste of time. Imperfection is better than perfection. From our imperfection, we can learn what is wrong with ourselves and then improve on it. No doubt that you bound to face your imperfect selves one day, but once you get over it, it's better to be imperfect than to be a wannabe perfectionist.

I still can't grasp the fact that guys or girls choose girl/boyfriends just because they are perfect. That is utter crap, preposterous. Can perfect people be what you want them to be? That's a big NO, because if they are so perfect, why can't they be what they wanted to be? *I'm weird, so mind me* The fact is, even these so called perfect people die one day. So, if you wanted to for a boy/girlfriend, look for what's inside, their personalities and their good qualities. Don't choose them because they are cute, handsome, perfect and more crap. Can you be happy with just perfection? NO!

I'm saying this because I'm not perfect. Maybe there's someone who's perfect, but I don't care.
I just want to live my life just the way it is. No one can change the fact that we live as we are, not somebody else. Only God is perfect. We, as humans just be what we are. Embrace what we have and benefit it for our future.

See y'all later!