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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Perfectionist? Pfftttt.

Hey, what's up? So long after I last updated my blog, ==''. Hope my English isn't getting rusty, lol.
So anyways, have you all heard of the word 'perfect'? I'm sure even a kindergartner knows what it meant, mind you. Haha.

Are you a perfectionist? Then you are stupid. No one is perfect. Everyone has his or her own traits, and also flaws. But that made them humans, not robots that only followed others. The different traits and personalities are what made us what we are. If you are trying to be perfect, then don't bother to do it. A big waste of time. Imperfection is better than perfection. From our imperfection, we can learn what is wrong with ourselves and then improve on it. No doubt that you bound to face your imperfect selves one day, but once you get over it, it's better to be imperfect than to be a wannabe perfectionist.

I still can't grasp the fact that guys or girls choose girl/boyfriends just because they are perfect. That is utter crap, preposterous. Can perfect people be what you want them to be? That's a big NO, because if they are so perfect, why can't they be what they wanted to be? *I'm weird, so mind me* The fact is, even these so called perfect people die one day. So, if you wanted to for a boy/girlfriend, look for what's inside, their personalities and their good qualities. Don't choose them because they are cute, handsome, perfect and more crap. Can you be happy with just perfection? NO!

I'm saying this because I'm not perfect. Maybe there's someone who's perfect, but I don't care.
I just want to live my life just the way it is. No one can change the fact that we live as we are, not somebody else. Only God is perfect. We, as humans just be what we are. Embrace what we have and benefit it for our future.

See y'all later!