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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The reason.

Hey all! What's cooking? Lol.
So what's up? It's been awhile, and my English is getting quite rusty. Haha.
I had the sudden urge to update my blog. Why? Only God knows. Lol.

Anyways, did you ever felt that things had happened to you that makes you sad or depressed?
Things that makes you happy, angry, hate, love, miss, or any other emotions?
Did you ever wonder why these things happen? There must be something that is behind all these.

Everything happens for a reason, as I described it. A reason is always behind these fateful things.
For example, if you fall down a stair this morning, there must be a reason why you fell. And if your heart was broken by a guy/gal, there must be a reason/reasons why they did that. But some of us, not all, said that these unfortunate things happened without a reason. Did it? Give yourself a NO.

Everything happens for a reason. There must be a reason behind these occurrences. Some of these can be interpreted by us or professionals but some can't. Some of these 'unknown' reasons can't be found out, only God knows. God decides what will happen to us and the reasons why it happened to us. Only God knows, and God knows all.

Everything happened for a reason. For all the past occurrences, maybe only now you known the reason. After those years hurting and misguided by others, only now you know the truth. But some can find out earlier and some can find out later. But not all can find out the truth behind these reasons. Example, if you broke up with someone, it's not until 2-3 years that you will found out the reason of the breakup. By then you already gotten a new life. It's going to be a shock because such trivial matters invoke these unfortunate accidents.

Everything can happen for a reason. We don't know our future, and we will never know it. To find out about the future is like digging your own grave, because you can't never handle the truth about the future. So, it's better to chill and relax while you still have the time. For whenever something happens, there must be a reason for it.

See ya!