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Sunday, February 6, 2011

What the... Fish?

Hey peeps! How's it going? Been a while ehh? Lol.
Miss you guys *and by guys I meant both guys and gals, just to clear out that I am in fact straight, :P*. Anyways, after a week of holiday, I'm still dozed off because man, school reopened and we had to wake up early just to put up with craps at school. Ughhh, =_=

So, my topic today is worthiness. Do you ever felt worthy around your friends? Ever felt left out because you're incompetent? Can't catch up with your classy and up-to-date friends? Felt unworthy around them? Lonely? Why did I ask so damn many questions? Because that is what I feel all the time. :'(

I felt unworthy and useless around my friends. I can't help them, can't keep up with them, so damn slower than them, stupider, poorer, less fortunate than them, and not as talented as them. It's very frustrating to see other people succeed but you don't. I mean, many of my friends are really smart, clever and oh so talented but I'm not. Felt a feeling of unworthiness and rejection.
People who felt like this have low self confidence and self esteem, like me.
Always rejected by others, no matter what.

But, the only solution to this problem is to be yourself. No more following role models and copycatting other people. Just be yourself and people will accept you for what you are, not what you're not. That feeling of unworthiness can be a pain in the behind, but it can be removed by having friends, friends who cared for you. I don't know if that feeling is gone now in me but I'm just glad having friends who cared for me *I think*.

So to all my friends and the people who have known, I thank you for the depth of my heart and wishes you all the best in life and hope you all will succeed in life. Arigato~ ;)

See y'all peeps!