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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Your friends had been.... What?

Hey there peeps! What's up dog? *hip hop lingo, lol*
So, how are you? I'm fine, thanks for asking, much obliged. Haha.
So anyways, hmmmmm?
What am I going to talk about?
Dunno yet. Darn. HAHA.

Who here like hanging out? ME!! Yeah!
I love hanging out, with my friends, parents, even cousins *well, not all cousins, lol*
Hanging out is the best cure for stress you know. Laughing and joking around makes us happier and cheerful. Just imagine you're at home, doing what you think is cool but really not. Just wasting your time at home with nothing to do is uncool. Better if you kill yourself *whoa, don't follow what I say, haha*

Research said that *well, my research that is, :P* people have no stress when they hang out with the ones they love. Lol, I have fun hanging out than at home where I on my Facebook and watching Youtube videos. As much fun as it sounds, there's nothing better than chatting with friends *in the real world okay? not the facebook world*. You can build your social skills by hanging out.

Many people said that hanging out is an act of loafing. WELL, I dare say it's not! Screw you who said that. Do you want to spend the rest of your life coped up at home with no friends? I think NOT! Having friends is a good thing. You can share what you want with them. Love life, *don't tell them about your sex life, ewww, ==''* problems, info, knowledge, anything as long as they can relate to. Don't just crap, like I did, haha, :P.

There are two kind of friends, the true friends and plastic friends. Plastic friends are friends who are there for what you have, not what you are. Hate them plastic friends. But true friends is different. True friends are people who stick by you no matter how you look, what you have or are you popular or not. They like you for what you are, not what you're not. These kind of friends are hard to find but hard to lose also. They are what completes you as a human *besides parents*. No person in this world have no friends. Friends are those special people who stick by us no matter what until the end of our lives.

I <3 you guys! You're all my friends!

See y'all later!