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Monday, March 28, 2011

Just what I've ordered!

Hey, sup? Noo, I'm not asking for sup, hahaha. How are you my darling readers? Hope you all stay well and happy. Soooo, did I order something you say? Haha, no no no, it's what I've ordered.

Ever wanted to meet a genie who can grant our wishes? Our love wishes? Our deepest, darkest wishes and such? Boy, I sure would like to meet one so that I can repair and improve my life. Because it sucks, bad. -_-''. Think of all the things I can wish for just for my entertainment and pleasure. I can get anything just by wishing for it. The genie can do all that we ask. It's the life of luxury with a genie around. It would be fun and easy! I want one! T^T

Sooo, why did I want a genie? Well, to improve myself. But even without a genie, we can improve ourselves. How, you might ask? By working hard, and never, ever, EVER give up. Just by wishing is not enough, we have to work for it. Nothing can come without working. That's not the way of life. If just sitting around could get you everything, then no one would work. Then our way of life will be disturbed. It's not good. No one would even get up to do something. It's very sad.

With hard work and perseverance, we can achieve anything, including greatness *well, not greatness, but you know what I mean, ^_^* Haha, I got the giggles during writing this post because of what crap I typed just now. Lol. But we need to work hard, nothing can come from just standing around doing anything. Look at all those who had succeeded, ask them what they've done, they will probably say, 'Work hard', :). So, need I say more? Work hard, but work smart, than you will succeed.

Sooo, let me conclude by saying that if we work hard, anything is possible. Never say never *I say never say never, but I said never 2 times already, haha, Epic Fail* Be ready, like Spongebob. Haha. So, just be yourself, work hard, and just be patient. Everything is possible. ;)

This is Randy, signing off.