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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I live to eat but I eat to live.


Foods. Our source of energy. The things that gives us the power to do stuff like cycling, playing soccer, jogging, running, even playing guitar. In short, food is important.
Over consumed, you get fat. Not enough food, you'll be thin.

No one ever realize what's the importance of food in life. Some people just hork it down without ever understand and define what the taste of the food we took. Heck, some people didn't even know what the food they ate taste like. They just eat and eat, without knowing what it tastes like.

How can we even miss the most important aspect of food? The taste is what really matters. People sometimes overreact to how the food looks like rather than the taste. It's weird you know. Even if your food is beautiful, what good that it does when it tasted like a wet gym socks?
That's disgusting, ==''. *How do I know how wet gym socks tastes like? Well, cartoon experiences, lol*

Enough about the taste. Now about the values inside foods. There's the calories, carbohydrates, irons, potassium and all that weird stuffs I can't even pronounce. Lol. These values build our bodies. Makes us become stronger, healthier and more energetic. Some say chocolates have the power to make us more energetic. Well, it's true but it can make us fat too, ==''. Sugar rush is just temporary, that extra energy will become fat.

So, what's important is that we need to take the right food so that we become healthier, not fatter. Lol. Know the importance of food and what the values do for us.

P/S : I suddenly wanted to write about this because my friend asked me too *For you, AA, :)*, I watched Ratatouille and I'm hungry, LMAO.

So, this is Randy signing off.