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Monday, April 4, 2011

Confident? Don't be. Just be brave.

Heyyy, long time no see? Lol, how are you guys and gals nowadays? If you ask me, I'm doing fine and well, alhamdulillah. :).

So, what to do, what to do? Hmmmm, ah! I know.

Are you confident? Overconfident perhaps? Under confident maybe? No matter what it is, you should have confidence in yourself. No confidence, nothing you can do. But you can change, and be more confident and more open towards life.

One way to build your confidence is to hang out with friends, or maybe make new friends. By talking and interacting, we will feel like we can be with others, and that, motivates us to be a more confident person. If you feel like you doesn't have any confident at all, no sweat, you can build it.
Confidence aren't like others, we need them in our life. We need confidence to talk to others, to present something, or to sing, or just maybe to do something. Being confident is a good thing. :)

But don't ever, ever, EVER be overconfident. This may bring DOOM! *nahhh, just kidding, lol* Overconfident is the worst thing to have because when we are overconfident, we tend to take things less serious and just do things as we like. This is very bad, very, very, VERY bad! *I tend to exaggerate, lol* Just down right confident is enough. No need for the over part, haha.

So you see, we need confidence to be prepared in this cold, harsh world because no one can succeed just with looks, talents and riches. We need to talk and present ourselves, and we can achieve by being confident. :)

So, this is Randy sighing off. *Why am I sighing? My MUET exam is tomorrow, and I'm not prepared, ==''*
Lol, see ya.