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Sunday, October 30, 2011

I love you my guitar~

Hey what's up, down, left, right and all around? Lol. It's been awhile since I came here. Wow, dusty, dusty blog. Even cobwebs and lizards came here. Damn. ==''
So anyway, I love playing guitars. Yeah, really love em', Haha, I'm no good at em' but I'm trying my best to improve and become better. Still it's hard to play the guitar. It takes time and patience *patience is not my thing, ughhh* to learn the ways of the guitar. Man, how does those guitarists learn to play? I mean, they are FUCKIN' AWESOME!

Based on what I know *well, from internet actually*, most of these guitarists started to play guitar at a young age. I just started 2 years ago. ==''. And I'm already 19. Dang. But anyway, people said that anything is possible, so I will try my best to become one of the greatest guitarist in the world. Okay, that's impossible but maybe only just the one of the best guitarist ever. It's my dream.

Now, maybe I won't play the guitar for awhile because my exam is just around the corner. Really, just look down there and you'll find it. FUCK YOU STPM!! -,-
Haha. Maybe after finishing STPM, I want to learn the art of playing guitar, the blues way~ LMAO.

I'm going to list some of the top guitarists that I know so, so, errr, just read. :P
1. Kurt Cobain
- Well this fella is the singer and guitarist of the band Nirvana. Mann, just listen to Smells Like A Teen Spirit and you know how good they are. Their solo is just awesome! But he died in 1994 at a young age because of drug overdose. Well, even though he's dead, people still love his songs.
2. Randy Rhoads
- He's the lead guitarist of the band Ozzy Osbourne, the singer is Ozzy Osbourne himself *a band with the singer's name. Weird*. He's famous for his guitar solo in Crazy Train, just powerful melody with umph. Haha. You know, some people asked me if I took the name 'Randy' from this guy. Haha. Maybe.
3. Kirk Hammet ( my idol :D)
- One of the greatest guitarist in the heavy metal music scene, and he's still alive! Lol. The band Metallica had come up with the best albums, like Master of Puppets, Black, Kill em' All and the recent one, Death Magnetic. His solo are just blistering, with a combination of tapping, scaling, fast pull-offs and hammer-ons, with a side order of sweeping and shred baby, shred! He's into the wah wah effect, and he's one heck of a wah wah master.
4. Synyster Gates
- Avenged Sevenfold lead guitarist, and man, he's good, real good. His solos are melodic, with a touch of fast scaling and tapping, and of course, shred! Haha, I love shred. He can play slow rock, he can play grunge, he can play metal, heck give him anything, he can play it.
5. Michael Padget (another idol of mine~)
- Bullet's own guitarist, and quite a good one. Many people doesn't acknowledge his guitar playing abilities because of his short and somewhat simple solos. But when he played the guitar, he played for the fans, not for money or glory. Just listen to songs like Waking The Demon, Scream Aim Fire, Begging for Mercy, Eye of The Storm, Deliver Us From Evil, End of Days and some others, and you can see his true abilities. He's good, hella good. Haha.

Someday I'm gonna be like one of them! Someday!