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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Today Is A New Day~

Hey all!
Hey, does any of you think that people can change easily?
It's hard to imagine if people can change.
By the thought of it, it gives me the chills. Lol
Anyway, I'm thinking of changing for the better.
I mean, it's for the best.. For everyone's sake..
Coz it's hard to make people recognize who you are, without changing.
We have to change and adapt according to the world.
After all that I experienced throughout my life, I think it's better to become a new person then to be the same, locked up person..
I learned all of that the hard way.
But experiencing all that made me realize something..
It's better to be a person then being any other thing.
Fate is unchangeable, and escaping the inevitable is literally impossible,
But the future is still ours to control and make dreams a reality.
We just have to work hard and persevere.
Coz when life's got you down, get up and try again.
Well, see y'all later.