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Thursday, September 2, 2010

worst day~ f*ckkk!!!

Hey all! Damnnnn.. It's the moment I really wish wouldn't happen.. Hmmm, well, what's lost is lost..
Today :

- I hate a very bad stomachache and a headache. Damn

- The teachers give more homework to do this holiday. More Damn.

- My friends said that... I don't what they said, I didn't feel like hearing it.

- They said I have no chance. Damnation.

- My sister didn't came to school, I missed her..

- I have no chance to hang out with my lower formerlites ( form 2, 3, 4, and 5) *BTW, it's a new word I invented*


- Have no mood in the morning until the afternoon, :(

- May become mad if left unchecked.

- Good thing bout this is, hmm, wait a minute, there's no good thing! Damnn.

- I'm using *damn* words to show what I felt, and I felt like sh*t!

- I felt like I'm the biggest loser in the world.

- I realized that I'm pathetic.

Well, to prevent me from using more and more bad words, I think I will end my post now.
So, see y'all later!