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Friday, October 21, 2011

Judges outside courts. Blerghhhh.

Hey what's up, down and all around? Are you feeling good? Cool? *I feel stupid asking these questions, -,-''* So it's been awhile. Wow, my blog is so dusty, and weird, Lol. So anyways, judges? What did I mean by judges outside courts? By now, I guess you should relieve in this country, no, in this world we live in, many of us like to judge others, even judges like judging *outside and inside, pffttt* Why is this happening in our society? Man, this so fucked up, in so many levels.

Judging people are categorised according to 4 key elements, based on looks, accomplishments, attitude and the amount of money in your pocket *damn true*. Why people judge others? Well, they are stupid. No. Seriously yes. I meant no. No, it's yes. Why should we judge others? To see who is better? There's no need to compete with others. We need to unite, not ignite.

Judging others are deteriorating the unity of society. Would you like to live in chaos? No right? So don't discriminate others just because they are not better or at par with us. Fuck discrimination, fuck judgementalism *a made up word, lol*

Peace out!