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Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hola, what's cooking? Haha, it's been a while but I'm back. So, are you mates having a good day? I'm not. Lol

I'm never thought of updating my blog today, but well, I'm here.
So anyway, what's the things that you need in your daily life?
I need a lot of things, SOOO, here's my list of things that I need in my daily life.

(seems like a report, isn't it? lol)

1. My phone. Man, I really need my phone to listen to music and texting my friends. I rarely use it to call people but I love texting. Lol.

2. My guitar. Need I say more? Haha, I love playing my guitar. Jamming songs is my favorite past time.

3. My earphone. Haha, well, I don't really need this, but hey, listening to songs on my phone is better using the earphone.

4. Laptop. My life. Haha, I use my laptop to surf the web. Facebook, Twitter and of course, Blogger are managed using the laptop. I use my laptop to searching for songs and also learn them. :)

5. Camera. Used to take pictures. My friends, families. And anything else. Haha

6. Friends. Who doesn't need friends? Crazy guys doesn't friends. I need friends. I hang out, chill out and do crazy things with my friends. :D

7. Food. Hahaa, need I say anything else?

8. Football. Well, you know, to play, umm, football. LOL

9. Motorcycle. My mode of transport. Haha

10. My heartbeat. Well, she occupied my mind. So, I need her.

So that's it. That's my list of my needs.
Haha. So what's yours?
Lol, tell me.
See y'all later~