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Monday, December 27, 2010

Get the the hell outta here!! JK :D

So, what's up guys and gals? Hope you are all well and beautiful.
So, today was a very tiresome day. Man, I go around SP today. Lol.
School was packed with students and their overloaded parents. Lmao.
It's now that time of the year to be jolly.
Nope, just kidding. Haha
Today, I'm proud to say that I am a dependable guy. Because I can help people. Haha
Well, today I helped teachers to sell and *sigh* pack some books to be sold to others.
Man, I never seen a lot of book throughout my life. I'm gonna faint.
Because of so many people came to buy books and school uniforms, we have to work hard.
That's hard because only 14 people have to work to cater the needs of hundreds of people.
But man, I hope it was worthwhile.
After finished at school, I went back home with my *seemingly annoying* brother on the bus. Think it is easy? Well, think again, and again, and again.
We have to wait for almost an hour just to get on a bus, and we got on a different bus to go somewhere else. Ughhhh.
We've gone jamming at Laguna Merbok. You know, the Mirabilis studio. The place is awesome. I've gone there quite a lot. Lol. The owner was a sporting guy. He's cool. Haha.
Today's jam session wasn't as good as yesterday. We don't know what song to play because the drummer is not here today.
We just bantai. Lol
Lot of screaming, strumming, beating and craziness.
Yeah, lot of fun!
Then we went home.
I went to see my friends play soccer against a rival team. And guess what? We won! Yeah!
I'm so proud of my team. We had become stronger since early this year.
I'm excited!
This Wednesday, we have another game. Hope we win.

So, today was tiresome, but it was worth it.
Btw, thanks for reading *like there are people who read this blog, ==''*
See ya!