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Thursday, December 30, 2010

What if... ??

Hey, what's cracking? If you ask me, it's my bones, lol.
So, anyways, how's life treating you?
Mine is 50-50. Fun and suckish.

Let me ask you something, did it ever occur to you when you're having the worst day and wished for it to be better? Then, the 'what if' question pops up. What if my life was better? What if I was more cool? What if I'm more handsome/beautiful? What if I'm richer? What if I'm a descendant of a king, or yet a descendant of rock stars? *lol* What if? What if? WHAT IF?? You know, there are many questions yet left to be answered. We might never have the answer or maybe the answer is right there, in front of your eyes. You should know where to look. :)

Anyways, back to the what if's, let me ask you. Would you change yourself just to fulfill the what if's? I mean, you rather have plastic surgery *that is uber BOGUS* just to make yourself more sexy, beautiful, hot or handsome. The Botox injection, the face lift, the nose job, liposuction and such craps might make us more awesome, but we're not who we really are. We're just pretending to be other people. Stupid. This is bullshit. No one should change themselves just to look more fabulous or voluptuous than others. This is just a never ending scene of people fighting to see who's more attractive. Just be grateful that we had lived in this fast paced world. It's just not worth it. Don't change the gift of God. Embrace it, and use it well.

One more thing, don't change your own self. Be yourself, and that will make you prevail in life. If we are honest, hardworking and most important, patient, then I'm sure we're a shoe in to be successful.

This post is inspired by my sister, Fatin Nabila because she gave me great advices to improve myself. My friends also inspires me to be better.


See y'all later!