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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rockstar. Yeah.

Hey dudes and dudettes! Haha, what's down?
Haha, what are you been doing this holiday? I'm just having fun, that's all.

Anyways, I have a dream. A dream where I'm rocking out with all you guys at a concert.
Lol, maybe it will stay a dream, or maybe it won't if you realize it.
Don't understand it? Well, work your butts off and maybe you may succeed. Haha, jk.

A dream will stay a dream if you let it be. I'll say, if you work hard and work smart, I'm sure all of you will succeed in life. Look at all the people that have succeeded. Look at them before and after.
Do you see the perseverance in their hearts that enabled them to work over the limit just to succeed. That is what I call people with guts.

But, people who always whine and doesn't want to work but want to succeed can go kiss my ass now. These kind of people make me sick. I mean really, other people work hard to succeed but you only want success just by whining? Get a life, fella. If you are rich, then nevermind. But if you aren't, well, it's better if you die now. *Seriously, get a job man*

Haha, I'm just giving excuses to hide my own mistakes. Everybody make mistakes and not all of them can be fixed. But, do your best and I'm sure that, it'll be smooth sailing from here.
See y'all later!