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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Good things may come for people who work hard

Hey, sup! Long time I haven't heard from you. Lol *Like people ever read my blog*
So, anyways, today is the day of the PMR results and man, there's a lot of A's today.
Haha, all my little sis and bros in the form 3 are getting their results today. Man, talk about a nervous breakdown. They almost cried just because today the results came out. Haha, talk about weird. So, many of them got straight A's. In fact, as I recalled the teachers told that there are about 130 students got straight A's. Sweet~ But alas, some of them didn't reach that goal. They were a little off but still, they will make their parents proud.

The only logical explanation of this achievement is because their hard work. They worked their heart, soul, blood, tears and butts off for achieving their goal. All to make their parents proud. These kind of people will someday, no, definitely succeed in life. They have the guts, the courage to face a challenge called PMR. And, they did it, with flying colours. I'm proud to see all their hard work had paid off. And I'm happy for their achievement.

Good Luck to All My Juniors!! Maybe you will move forward, and mold the future of our country. Cool.

See y'all later!