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Friday, August 20, 2010

arghhhh! :)

Hey all! Haha, whatsup! Lol. It's a long time to wait to break fast so I write a new post.
Lol, so anyway my cool sis, Fatin Nabila asked me what pissed me off.. Hmmm, I'm not a person who likes to get angry, but when I am, oohh, hahaha.
So this is my top 10 things that pissed me off

1. People saying bad things about my friends
- I hate people who are spreading rumors and talking about my friends behind their backs.
Seriously, get a life! No one wants to become friends with someone like that, just a waste of time.
Just keep it to yourself! Stupid people does that..
2. Overrated girls
- I hate girls who thinks they are the most pretty and better than others. FYI, nobody is perfect. Many of this overrated girls are really just like no 1. They are gediks. Bengong.
3. Teachers who are boring
- I'm pissed off by teachers who are boring and can never make me laugh. Now that just plain weird! They just keep going on and on and on and on.. Adoii.
4. Overrated boys
- Boys who think they are so handsome, talented and good in everything, keep away from me. I don't like you, noo, I hate you. These kind of boys are always breaking girls' hearts. I kill em'!
5. Hypocrites
- Seriously, keep away from me! You might be a victim of my rage. :P
6. People who fights with their best friends
- When they fight, they will become apart, and sometimes many will be dragged into this fight.
Why can't we just be nice to all? Haven't you all realize that brotherhood can bring peace?

If you are asking where's 7, 8, 9 and 10, they have gone missing. Lol, jk. I can't think of anymore to say, mind you!
Well, see y'all later!