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Monday, August 9, 2010

a school day..

Hey all.. Just came back from school, and, urghhh, I hate Mondays. Coz its the day that the assembly will be held.. OMG, the principal only knows how to blab around and no one even cares of what he's saying. Seriously, it's freakin annoying... So anyway, I didn't my sis today at school, hmmm.. Where has she gone to?? Nevermind! Today was so much like other days, boooo-ringggg!
Actually, what is the purpose of school? Did everyone ever think about that? I mean, school is a place where we goes to learn but does they have to make it so DAMN boring?? Seriously, if the school was more interesting, I wouldn't mind going to school. But I like going to school just to see cute girls~ LOL
So, see y'all later!