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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

bling bling~ $_$

Hey all. This is my second post for the day btw! Lol, I promised Fatin Nabila that we do this topic together. Today I am going to talk about MONEY! Does it sound like public speaking? Lol. Anyways, who thinks that we doesn't need money in our daily lives? Well, you're WRONG!! ETTT!! Haha, we need money to ensure our lives is to the fullest.. Wow, did I just say that? In my opinion, money is what makes the world go round.. Everything these days need money.. Come on, seriously, the public toilet also need moneys to use, lol. But there are people who are wasting money on ridiculous things that may be wasteful or just plain stupid! If you asked me, the wasted money should be given to orphanage or as donations to mosques! Or just give it to me! LOL.
I want a brand new guitar, :P
So, as I was saying, we should the money as useful as we can to make sure our lives will be at least meaningful coz we helped people>>
I just gonna stop, coz I just blabbing around, hahaha.
Well, see y'all later!