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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hey all~ Wow, I'm really addicted to this blog thingie, hahaha. So anyway, I just wanna say, Good Luck to All SPM and PMR students for their trials in this month.. Study hard but study smart. LOL. Ok, so.. Hmmm, does anyone have a dream about being a rock star on a stage rocking out with the crowd? I haven't but I wish I could be like that, ;P. Haha, I wanna be a rocker, playing guitar to please all. Does anyone have any instrument that they like to play? I like playing guitar but I'm not too good at it. I wish I can be a better guitarist like all the guitar legends of before!
But to get there, I must hone my guitar skills, LOL. So, we all have dreams to fulfill, but it will never happen if we just give up and never try again. Stand up, and have the guts to make sure your dreams a reality! Never give up and fall back again! Hahha
P/S: I'm being crazy
Well, see y'all later!