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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

hey, hey, heyyaaahh

Salam and whatsup y'all again. everyone is so UBERLICIOUS happy because the August test is finally over. SHYAZZWAN RANDY IBRAHIM. man, who the heck is he?. lol. for those who have become a loyal reader to HELLO EARTHLINGS, i bet you guys must've realized if i have mentioned this name likee LOADSHITS of times. lol. is he the vampire? is he the warewolf?. SERIOUSLY, SHUT UP! lol. stop messing with my freaking head. * im being sarcastic bytheway. back to our conversation, who the heck is he?. * drums rolling on the dance floor.* TA-DA. HE IS...
1. my BIGGIE BRO. * hey fatin, you don't have a BIG brother as far as i could remember*. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT OR I'LL KILL YOU, HE IS MY BIG BROTHER. -TRUE BLOOD SIBLINGS.-
2. the most amazing brother on this planet earth.-well yeah, because he is the only bro i have. LOL.
3. the person who inspires me to update my blog like everyday i guess because he loves all my posts. he thinks im funny. am i funny?. HECK NO. lol
4. the guy who loves his HEARTBEAT( by that i mean the special someone) so much! frankly guys, he talks about that special someone ALL THE TIME IN HIS BLOG. you guys gotta check it out and solve the mystery.
5. the person who has always been there for me. i really appreciate it bro. :)
6. the first guy who has the gut to speak in english with me and he doesn't even care about it.* HEY, MALAY GUYS ARE SO SCARED WHEN IT COMES TO TALKING OR HAVING A CONVERSATION WITH SOMEONE IN ENGLISH. -no offence, but its true.-sorry.
7. the person who laughs a lot whenever he's reading my blog. - IM NOT SURE IF ITS TRUE OR NOT, BUT HECK YEAH, HE SAID IT TO ME. -
8. the most AMAZINGFLANDELICIOUS guy ever! if ya'll give a crap about him infront of me, imma go straight to your %$@@$^**#@$%%$% face and say , DUDE, YOU'RE MISSING A GREAT PERSON. I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU BECAUSE YOU HAVE FAKE FRIENDS AROUND YOU AND YKNW WHAT, ALLL THOSE CRAPS YOU TALK ABOUT HIM ARE ACTUALLY BEING REFLECTED BACK TO YOU- showing that if you're talking about yourself. -those craps,really-
9. the guitar guy! he's THE MAN. super TALENTED. you guys should check out his videos.
10. the good-looking guy and pretty cute. I AINT FLIRTING OR TRYING TO MAKE SICK JOKES. like i said before, I DON'T TALK ABOUT PHYSICAL QUALITIES MUCH. the only thing that matter is your HEART. he is beautifuL.- INSIDE AND OUTSIDE-
From: Fatin Nabila
Je t'aime sis, je t'aime.