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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

today just a day~

Hey y'all, nice to meet you, AGAIN.. Haha, this is my second post of the day~
I'm overflowing with ideas, that's why I wrote another one~
So, today, I finished my monthly test~ YEAH!! I'm glad it's overrr..
I can't stand exams. LOL
Macroeconomic is very hard, I thought I'm quite prepared but I'm not. It sucks. Oh well, moving on *that's what I thought, but I would regret it, haha* Then we have a long break until the next paper.. I dunno when is the last time I studied for Sejarah, coz today I've been extra busy, studying for the Sejarah Paper 2.. But it didn't go well as planned, damn! The tests are getting harder and harder. OMG, I became very frustrated and at the same time sleepy when I'm doing the Pengajian Am Paper 1, coz I dunno anything.. I didn't studied for it, and it seems like I didn't attend any class.. The teacher's way of explaining is very hard for me to translate, :P
Man, gonna get a lot of C- this test, hey, did you know that C- is considered fail in STPM? Oh shit!
Haha, well, what's past is past and we must look into the future.
Lmao, so anyway, exams are bad for your health, just like watching malay stories..
So, see y'all again, better soon then never! :)