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Saturday, August 28, 2010

ohh, people~

Hey all~ Hope you are having the best of time. Hahaa, how are you? I missed you all, :P.
It's been a while since I updated this blog, I think, Lol. Anyway, I'm hungry, and thirsty. When are we going to break fast?? Damn tired *OMG, I didn't mean it like that.. Haha*
Today, I didn't talk to my sister yet, dunno why.. I missed her terribly. Lol
Hahaa, and I missed my heartbeat.. Hope she is well wherever she is..
Ohh, about my title, there are many kinds of people in the world. There are short ones, tall ones, fat ones, cute ones, miserable ones, thin ones, sexy ones, stinky ones, nerdy ones, cool ones, crazy ones and just plain funny ones! Hahaa, there's many *ones*... Mind that!
The reason I said these people is that they are the persons that touched and modify *sorry for my terrible English, i suck, :)* your very life with a mixture of love, hate and sometimes just plain weirdness. Lol
Some people becomes your friends then your best friends meanwhile some becomes your worst enemies *these enemies thingie, it doesn't happen often, or so I heard, Lol*
Some become your lover, but some become your siblings *I love my sister*
Then some become your in laws, and some become your spouse.
Some become this, some become that, and.. Well, you'll get the idea. :)
My point is, if you doesn't get well and always saying bad things to other people, then by God you doesn't deserve to be a human.
People are what makes us to be what we are.
I'm glad that I was born around people, not around monkeys in the forest. Hahaha
So, appreciate all the people that had made you for what you are and thank them.
For without them, you might just have been a wandering soul, searching for a place to be.
So, see y'all later!