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Monday, August 23, 2010

hey soul sister~

Hey all! Sooo, how's your day going along?
Mine is bad, I hate it. Lol.
So anyway, you must be wondering why I wrote that title right?
Well, I just like that song, haha and my post today bout my uberfantasticalandsurelyamazing sister. Wow, that's long.. Haha
By now, you probably know that my sister is Fatin Nabila, well.. She's not my real sister *real enough for me*, but she treated me like a brother, so I treated her the same. Lol.
So, I told her that I will write about her, she's excited~ Lmao.
Lemme tell ya, she's the most awesome girl I have ever known *beside my crush, :P*
1. If any of you said her weird, then Imma punch you in the face right now. She's not weird, she's my sis!
2. She can play a guitar, *acoustic and electric, wow* Hella awesome. She never showed to others that she can play guitar, yeah, she's humble. :)
3. She's into music *screamo!!* Haha, like brother like sister.. I love screamo and metal songs. She likes it just as well.
4. She's speaks in English with me.. The only girl that speaks in English with me.. I'm quite surprised coz not many like to speak English. Lol, sometimes she talks so fast, I can't catch up, sorry sis! :) Then she have a cool accent. Very English-ish I say. Lol
5. Once more, if you said she's not good or should not be like that, then I will gladly knock your head off. She's perfect the way she is.
6. The only girl who considered me as a friend, a brother and a person. Lol. Yeah, she's my sis.
7. Very cool heritage. Haha, she is the mixture of many races in the world. She's a mixed Malay, like me, I think, hehe.. Btw, she has a very cool grandpa or so I heard.
8. Her heart is just like mine. We always share bout what we feel. Lol. Feelings are shared between us. She knows me, and I know her. ~True Blood Siblings~
9. Well, she's just uber cool and sporting. Love hanging out with her.
10. She's pretty and wonderful. Hey, if you thinks otherwise, then good luck making your mom realise who you are when you're in the hospital, face all wrapped up. She's pretty on the outside and inside, just the way she are.
Hey, what more can I say? She's Fatin Nabila and she's the best!
One more thing, disturb her and you will feel the wrath of me. Remember that well!
If you wanna know how she's like
Welll, just become her friend
Then you'll know how wonderful she is~
She's my sis and she's the best!
See y'all later~