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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hey all! Have a nice day~ Haha, today was a? Holiday! Haha, today is Independence Day of Malaysia. So happy birthday Malaysia!
Anyway, my days are filled with fun and also a mixture of weird and tiredness. Lol
So, every day is quite the same..

- Wake up *if in then month of Ramadhan, sahur then sleep again, :P*
- Brush my teeth and wash my face *then bathe*
- On Sundays till Thursdays, I went to school *forced to*
- Study, study and more study.. Learn too, :(
- Meet my friends, laugh out loud, disturb others, stare at each other *that's at school, haha*
- Having fun with friends
- On the holidays or school breaks, online all day, hahah
- Then, jam on my guitar
- If bored, then jam again, Haha
- Hang out with my friends
- Eat lunch
- Jam again, lol
- Online Facebook
- Write something for my blog *BTW, my blog is weird, lol*
- Play soccer with my friends *gosh, it's like chaos when there's too many people playing, hahah*
- Went to the shop, buy some fizzy drinks, then hang out there
- Went home
- Online some more, haha
- Then listen to songs
- Then sleep

Well, my life is quite dull
Haha, I wish my life is more like a musician
Well, see y'all later!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

ohh, people~

Hey all~ Hope you are having the best of time. Hahaa, how are you? I missed you all, :P.
It's been a while since I updated this blog, I think, Lol. Anyway, I'm hungry, and thirsty. When are we going to break fast?? Damn tired *OMG, I didn't mean it like that.. Haha*
Today, I didn't talk to my sister yet, dunno why.. I missed her terribly. Lol
Hahaa, and I missed my heartbeat.. Hope she is well wherever she is..
Ohh, about my title, there are many kinds of people in the world. There are short ones, tall ones, fat ones, cute ones, miserable ones, thin ones, sexy ones, stinky ones, nerdy ones, cool ones, crazy ones and just plain funny ones! Hahaa, there's many *ones*... Mind that!
The reason I said these people is that they are the persons that touched and modify *sorry for my terrible English, i suck, :)* your very life with a mixture of love, hate and sometimes just plain weirdness. Lol
Some people becomes your friends then your best friends meanwhile some becomes your worst enemies *these enemies thingie, it doesn't happen often, or so I heard, Lol*
Some become your lover, but some become your siblings *I love my sister*
Then some become your in laws, and some become your spouse.
Some become this, some become that, and.. Well, you'll get the idea. :)
My point is, if you doesn't get well and always saying bad things to other people, then by God you doesn't deserve to be a human.
People are what makes us to be what we are.
I'm glad that I was born around people, not around monkeys in the forest. Hahaha
So, appreciate all the people that had made you for what you are and thank them.
For without them, you might just have been a wandering soul, searching for a place to be.
So, see y'all later!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

hey, hey, heyyaaahh

Salam and whatsup y'all again. everyone is so UBERLICIOUS happy because the August test is finally over. SHYAZZWAN RANDY IBRAHIM. man, who the heck is he?. lol. for those who have become a loyal reader to HELLO EARTHLINGS, i bet you guys must've realized if i have mentioned this name likee LOADSHITS of times. lol. is he the vampire? is he the warewolf?. SERIOUSLY, SHUT UP! lol. stop messing with my freaking head. * im being sarcastic bytheway. back to our conversation, who the heck is he?. * drums rolling on the dance floor.* TA-DA. HE IS...
1. my BIGGIE BRO. * hey fatin, you don't have a BIG brother as far as i could remember*. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT OR I'LL KILL YOU, HE IS MY BIG BROTHER. -TRUE BLOOD SIBLINGS.-
2. the most amazing brother on this planet earth.-well yeah, because he is the only bro i have. LOL.
3. the person who inspires me to update my blog like everyday i guess because he loves all my posts. he thinks im funny. am i funny?. HECK NO. lol
4. the guy who loves his HEARTBEAT( by that i mean the special someone) so much! frankly guys, he talks about that special someone ALL THE TIME IN HIS BLOG. you guys gotta check it out and solve the mystery.
5. the person who has always been there for me. i really appreciate it bro. :)
6. the first guy who has the gut to speak in english with me and he doesn't even care about it.* HEY, MALAY GUYS ARE SO SCARED WHEN IT COMES TO TALKING OR HAVING A CONVERSATION WITH SOMEONE IN ENGLISH. -no offence, but its true.-sorry.
7. the person who laughs a lot whenever he's reading my blog. - IM NOT SURE IF ITS TRUE OR NOT, BUT HECK YEAH, HE SAID IT TO ME. -
8. the most AMAZINGFLANDELICIOUS guy ever! if ya'll give a crap about him infront of me, imma go straight to your %$@@$^**#@$%%$% face and say , DUDE, YOU'RE MISSING A GREAT PERSON. I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU BECAUSE YOU HAVE FAKE FRIENDS AROUND YOU AND YKNW WHAT, ALLL THOSE CRAPS YOU TALK ABOUT HIM ARE ACTUALLY BEING REFLECTED BACK TO YOU- showing that if you're talking about yourself. -those craps,really-
9. the guitar guy! he's THE MAN. super TALENTED. you guys should check out his videos.
10. the good-looking guy and pretty cute. I AINT FLIRTING OR TRYING TO MAKE SICK JOKES. like i said before, I DON'T TALK ABOUT PHYSICAL QUALITIES MUCH. the only thing that matter is your HEART. he is beautifuL.- INSIDE AND OUTSIDE-
From: Fatin Nabila
Je t'aime sis, je t'aime.

today just a day~

Hey y'all, nice to meet you, AGAIN.. Haha, this is my second post of the day~
I'm overflowing with ideas, that's why I wrote another one~
So, today, I finished my monthly test~ YEAH!! I'm glad it's overrr..
I can't stand exams. LOL
Macroeconomic is very hard, I thought I'm quite prepared but I'm not. It sucks. Oh well, moving on *that's what I thought, but I would regret it, haha* Then we have a long break until the next paper.. I dunno when is the last time I studied for Sejarah, coz today I've been extra busy, studying for the Sejarah Paper 2.. But it didn't go well as planned, damn! The tests are getting harder and harder. OMG, I became very frustrated and at the same time sleepy when I'm doing the Pengajian Am Paper 1, coz I dunno anything.. I didn't studied for it, and it seems like I didn't attend any class.. The teacher's way of explaining is very hard for me to translate, :P
Man, gonna get a lot of C- this test, hey, did you know that C- is considered fail in STPM? Oh shit!
Haha, well, what's past is past and we must look into the future.
Lmao, so anyway, exams are bad for your health, just like watching malay stories..
So, see y'all again, better soon then never! :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

hey soul sister~

Hey all! Sooo, how's your day going along?
Mine is bad, I hate it. Lol.
So anyway, you must be wondering why I wrote that title right?
Well, I just like that song, haha and my post today bout my uberfantasticalandsurelyamazing sister. Wow, that's long.. Haha
By now, you probably know that my sister is Fatin Nabila, well.. She's not my real sister *real enough for me*, but she treated me like a brother, so I treated her the same. Lol.
So, I told her that I will write about her, she's excited~ Lmao.
Lemme tell ya, she's the most awesome girl I have ever known *beside my crush, :P*
1. If any of you said her weird, then Imma punch you in the face right now. She's not weird, she's my sis!
2. She can play a guitar, *acoustic and electric, wow* Hella awesome. She never showed to others that she can play guitar, yeah, she's humble. :)
3. She's into music *screamo!!* Haha, like brother like sister.. I love screamo and metal songs. She likes it just as well.
4. She's speaks in English with me.. The only girl that speaks in English with me.. I'm quite surprised coz not many like to speak English. Lol, sometimes she talks so fast, I can't catch up, sorry sis! :) Then she have a cool accent. Very English-ish I say. Lol
5. Once more, if you said she's not good or should not be like that, then I will gladly knock your head off. She's perfect the way she is.
6. The only girl who considered me as a friend, a brother and a person. Lol. Yeah, she's my sis.
7. Very cool heritage. Haha, she is the mixture of many races in the world. She's a mixed Malay, like me, I think, hehe.. Btw, she has a very cool grandpa or so I heard.
8. Her heart is just like mine. We always share bout what we feel. Lol. Feelings are shared between us. She knows me, and I know her. ~True Blood Siblings~
9. Well, she's just uber cool and sporting. Love hanging out with her.
10. She's pretty and wonderful. Hey, if you thinks otherwise, then good luck making your mom realise who you are when you're in the hospital, face all wrapped up. She's pretty on the outside and inside, just the way she are.
Hey, what more can I say? She's Fatin Nabila and she's the best!
One more thing, disturb her and you will feel the wrath of me. Remember that well!
If you wanna know how she's like
Welll, just become her friend
Then you'll know how wonderful she is~
She's my sis and she's the best!
See y'all later~

Friday, August 20, 2010

arghhhh! :)

Hey all! Haha, whatsup! Lol. It's a long time to wait to break fast so I write a new post.
Lol, so anyway my cool sis, Fatin Nabila asked me what pissed me off.. Hmmm, I'm not a person who likes to get angry, but when I am, oohh, hahaha.
So this is my top 10 things that pissed me off

1. People saying bad things about my friends
- I hate people who are spreading rumors and talking about my friends behind their backs.
Seriously, get a life! No one wants to become friends with someone like that, just a waste of time.
Just keep it to yourself! Stupid people does that..
2. Overrated girls
- I hate girls who thinks they are the most pretty and better than others. FYI, nobody is perfect. Many of this overrated girls are really just like no 1. They are gediks. Bengong.
3. Teachers who are boring
- I'm pissed off by teachers who are boring and can never make me laugh. Now that just plain weird! They just keep going on and on and on and on.. Adoii.
4. Overrated boys
- Boys who think they are so handsome, talented and good in everything, keep away from me. I don't like you, noo, I hate you. These kind of boys are always breaking girls' hearts. I kill em'!
5. Hypocrites
- Seriously, keep away from me! You might be a victim of my rage. :P
6. People who fights with their best friends
- When they fight, they will become apart, and sometimes many will be dragged into this fight.
Why can't we just be nice to all? Haven't you all realize that brotherhood can bring peace?

If you are asking where's 7, 8, 9 and 10, they have gone missing. Lol, jk. I can't think of anymore to say, mind you!
Well, see y'all later!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

listen well~

Hey all! I missed you guys~ Lol, Just Kidding! Say, what are you people doing with your past times? What I'm trying to ask is what is your hobbies. :P
Haha, mine is listening to music and jamming with my guitar, lol.
Hey, music is what life is.
I wanna know, would someone give me a guitar like this?

Haha, it's awesome right? Or this one

Haha, mine is just a standard one~
But at least I can have fun~
Hey, tell me all about your hobbies!
Well, see y'all later!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

bling bling~ $_$

Hey all. This is my second post for the day btw! Lol, I promised Fatin Nabila that we do this topic together. Today I am going to talk about MONEY! Does it sound like public speaking? Lol. Anyways, who thinks that we doesn't need money in our daily lives? Well, you're WRONG!! ETTT!! Haha, we need money to ensure our lives is to the fullest.. Wow, did I just say that? In my opinion, money is what makes the world go round.. Everything these days need money.. Come on, seriously, the public toilet also need moneys to use, lol. But there are people who are wasting money on ridiculous things that may be wasteful or just plain stupid! If you asked me, the wasted money should be given to orphanage or as donations to mosques! Or just give it to me! LOL.
I want a brand new guitar, :P
So, as I was saying, we should the money as useful as we can to make sure our lives will be at least meaningful coz we helped people>>
I just gonna stop, coz I just blabbing around, hahaha.
Well, see y'all later!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Hey all! Long time no see.. It's been a while since I last wrote here, LOL. So, how are you? I'm fine and well.. I didn't write for quite some while coz I've been busy lately, well, you know, as the class monitor, :P. Today at school I'm quite happy coz I saw her, she's very lovely today.. I love her eyes, it's very beautiful.. I love it! Lol. So anyway, my sis didn't come to school again, haha, I missed her! Lmao. It's quite a boring day like normal, so I didn't anything much to say~
But I wanna say, I missed her! Very, very much!
Well, see y'all later!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The End~

"The End Is Here"

Endless days
We search for what we hold inside
So hard to find
Luck turns
Will the fallen ever reach within
And rise again


For the rest of my life
I will find the answers
That were always here
I will find the meaning this time
I will fight the end
Till the end is here

Wasted time
With words that seem to break our will
They bind us still
Without a care
They tarnish what we hold so dear
What was once so clear


BTW, I write this post coz I like this song very much, and I have no idea what to write
See y'all later!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hey all~ Wow, I'm really addicted to this blog thingie, hahaha. So anyway, I just wanna say, Good Luck to All SPM and PMR students for their trials in this month.. Study hard but study smart. LOL. Ok, so.. Hmmm, does anyone have a dream about being a rock star on a stage rocking out with the crowd? I haven't but I wish I could be like that, ;P. Haha, I wanna be a rocker, playing guitar to please all. Does anyone have any instrument that they like to play? I like playing guitar but I'm not too good at it. I wish I can be a better guitarist like all the guitar legends of before!
But to get there, I must hone my guitar skills, LOL. So, we all have dreams to fulfill, but it will never happen if we just give up and never try again. Stand up, and have the guts to make sure your dreams a reality! Never give up and fall back again! Hahha
P/S: I'm being crazy
Well, see y'all later!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hahaha, it sucks~

Hey all! Haha, first of all, I just wanna say, Happy Ramadhan! May all of us will be blessed on this wonderful month~ Well, unto business. I promised Fatin Nabila that we will post about the same thing, Comparison~ Well, you know what I think about that? Comparisons sucks! People always compare about your weakness but never saw the abilities that we have. I mean seriously, people will never progress when we are all simple minded as that! For example, an average guy will be compared to his grades, looks and style to a much, much better looking guy.. People will look up more to the cool ones, rather than the one with the abilities! Wow, I really am steamed about this topic.. Haha, Lmao, my sister's explanation is better than mines~ So, people, I'm getting sick of comparison and why should we compare with others? We just should be ourselves and become a strive to become better. Like a quote I kept in my heart, 'We Are The Kings Of Our Own World'
See y'all later!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Hey all people who has the interest of reading this, lmao. So, after getting back from school, Imma writing this post~ Btw, to all MUSLIMS, tomorrow maybe the start of Ramadhan, and the start of fasting. So, happy fasting to all Muslims! Anyway, back to the main point, do you all like music?
I love em'! Haha, so what is music? I think it's the thing that colors our world with a variety of music like R&B, Hip Hop, Blues, Rock, Punk, Heavy Metal, Ballads, Screamo and many more.
Well, I am not picky when it comes to music~ I listen to all, but many are what I like, :P
Have you ever wondered what it's like without music? OMG, I can't imagine it.. Seriously, if there is no music, our life will be dull, boring and pointless. So, we should appreciate the wonders of music and enjoy~ Coz music is about life! Hell yeah, it's life itself!
So, see y'all later!

a school day..

Hey all.. Just came back from school, and, urghhh, I hate Mondays. Coz its the day that the assembly will be held.. OMG, the principal only knows how to blab around and no one even cares of what he's saying. Seriously, it's freakin annoying... So anyway, I didn't my sis today at school, hmmm.. Where has she gone to?? Nevermind! Today was so much like other days, boooo-ringggg!
Actually, what is the purpose of school? Did everyone ever think about that? I mean, school is a place where we goes to learn but does they have to make it so DAMN boring?? Seriously, if the school was more interesting, I wouldn't mind going to school. But I like going to school just to see cute girls~ LOL
So, see y'all later!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

my first try~

Hey all.. so as a recommendation, here I am, writing my first post in a brand new blog~
sweet, I might get addicted.. anyway, I am here because my sister said that I should write a blog about my life. Let me tell ya, I lead a boring life. Way too dull~ But my sister changed that, and she brightens my life. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be here right now. So, thanks Fatin Nabila aka Izzybell for being my darling sister. Thanks sis! :))
See ya all later!